Brevets of road passes


The Club des Cent Cols offers its members “brevets de cols routiers” – diplomas for climbing designated road passes. The passes chosen for these brevets are all categorised as road passes in the Club catalogue database. Some only have road access from one side. Brevets are divided by country and by administrative regions within a country. As a rule, these administrative divisions are those which determine the second part of the pass code. Depending on the country, these may be departments, provinces, cantons etc. In this document, the term regional applies to these administrative divisions and not to other definitions (political or otherwise) of a region. As with members’ official col lists, the brevets are based on members’ declarations, on an honour basis. This article shows how to register for a brevet, how to register cols, and how to obtain a brevet diploma.

Presentation of brevets and registration

On the club’s website, the list of all road brevets can be found at this address:
You don’t need to be logged in as a member to reach this page. But the log-in is necessary if you want to register for a brevet or see the data for your own brevets. The list displayed begins with all countries that also have regional brevets. Just click on the name of a country to show its regional brevets. Then by clicking on the name of one of these brevets, you will be shown the list of cols that make it up. Countries that do not have regional brevets are displayed at the end of the list. There, clicking on the name of the country causes the list of passes to be displayed directly.

Once you are on the brevet page with your list of passes, you can register (if you haven’t already done so) for this brevet. There is no other formality to follow than to confirm your choice. Of itself, registration is not binding. It is however important to note that the list of passes valid at the time of registration remains constant for the entire duration of the brevet, until its completion by the participant. The list of passes is therefore fixed at the time of registration. Passes officially recognised or deleted thereafter do not modify the content of the brevet.

Registering cols, and monitoring the brevet

When you register for a brevet, you will probably already have climbed some of the listed cols. If passes have already been registered in your personal list, you will see them when you register: a table is displayed showing which passes have been registered and which remain to be done. The passes deleted from the catalogue after inscription are displayed with a bin symbol. The passes added after inscription will appear at the end of the list of cols. If participants want to update the list so as to match the present catalogue, they need to delete their subscription and subscribe again to the brevet.
From a link on this page, you can also obtain a table in PDF format. This PDF is mainly intended to be printed or archived.

Passes which have been climbed, but which are not yet fully entered on the list can be
registered. There are three different types to register:

  1. Passes which are already in the list but without date of passage. The date of passage is not required but can be entered on display page for completed passes.
  2. Passes which have already been officially declared to the Club. These are therefore the cols that are already counted for you in the “Tableau d’Honneur” after being verified by your territorial delegate (DT), but which do not yet appear as climbed for the brevet. For these cols to be included in the brevet, they must be separately registered. Specific documentation is available for that.
  3. Passes that have not yet been officially declared. In this case, they must be declared. You are strongly recommended to take advantage of the online declaration as this directly integrates them with the corresponding brevets. Again, there is specific documentation for this.

Excluded Passes

As explained in the comments to Article 1 of the Rules of the Game, some passes can be crossed by two different ways but they count as only one pass. It is often the case when a natural pass can also be crossed through a tunnel. Declaring one crossing excludes the second. If the 2 crossings are roads, only one crossing is sufficient to obtain the brevet. In the brevet collection, the cols in question appear as a double-line entry. The members can choose one crossing or both. As it is possible to declare only one crossing, if you want the two crossings to appear in the brevet, you must register the second crossing as indicative.


When a participant (logged in as a member on the site) has climbed all the passes of a given brevet, this will show on the brevet page. The PDF obtained from this page therefore contains a diploma confirming completion of the brevet. As this PDF is delivered automatically, it does not include a signature.

The case is different for national brevets composed of several regional brevets. In this case, the participant should report to the brevet manager for the latter to issue a signed diploma.