How to make payment to the Club des Cent Cols?

Means of payment

Means of payment (in euros only) French members Members within the SEPA zone Members outside the SEPA zone
Cheque payable in France YES YES YES
Cheque payable outside France NO NO NO
International postal mandate YES YES YES
Bank Transfer < 150 euros YES YES YES
Bank transfer > 150 euros YES YES NO

Please note:  all bank transfers must include the bank details of the Club des cent Cols.  You can obtain these details from the “relevéd’ identité bancaire” (RIB) du Club.  You must be a member of the Club to access the RIB.  If you wish to make a payment but are not (yet) a member, please ask for details from the Club treasurer

Bank transfers must also include your name and Club number as reference, as well as the reason for the transfer.

If you are paying by Paypal, please add an additional amount (1 Euro) to cover Paypal fees.