Rédigé par Enrico Alberini

Constitution of the Club des Cent Cols

10th November 2018

(this English translation paraphrases the original text.  For the full constitution, as properly worded, please refer to the French version)

Article 1 – Name of Club

An association has been created, called “Club des Cent Cols”

Article 2 – Objectives

To bring together those persons enjoying the practice of cycle riding in the mountains.  To increase this practice by organising and supporting it.  More generally, to carry out any work that, directly or indirectly, facilitates its extension and development.

Article 3 – Registered Office

CDOS (Comité Départemental Olympique et Sportif)
97A avenue de Genève,
74000 ANNECY

Article 4 – Duration


Article 5 – Admission to the Club

To become a member of the association “Club des Cent Cols” one must have climbed at least 100 cols by bicycle, of which 5 must be over 2000m in altitude, and have paid a subscription fee.

Four categories of members are accepted:

  1. Active members who are not also members of the FFCT at the time of their annual subscription
  2. Active members who are also members of the FFCT at the time of their annual subscription
  3. Honorary members, not bound by the “100 cols” rule (at the discretion of the Club’s Conseil d’Administration)
  4. Associate members. An associate member must be sponsored by an active member with whom he has family ties (partner, child).  He is not bound by the “100 cols” rule.  His associate member status gives him the right to attend collective gathering of the Association.  He pays a subscription equal to half the amount of that of an active member.  Not being an active member, he does not have the right to vote at the General Assemblies, nor can he be elected an administrator.

Article 6 – Cancellation of membership

It is possible to leave the association by submitting a letter of resignation

Membership is automatically cancelled in case of death

Membership can be cancelled in case of deception or lack of respect for the spirit of the association.  Cancellation is decided upon by unanimous vote of the administrators.

Article 7 – Resources

The resources of the association comprise:

  • The income from entry fees and annual subscriptions
  • The net receipts from the sale of products or services, reserved for members of the association
  • Grants and gifts
  • Royalties on books produced on the association’s account.

Article 8 – The “Conseil d’Administration”

The association is run by an administrative committee (Conseil d’Administration) composed of a minimum of 3 and maximum of 11 members, each elected for a 4 year term by the General Assembly.  Written and electronic voting is accepted.

The committee chooses from among its members, by secret ballot, a President, a Secretary and a Treasurer.  These three members must also be members of the FFCT.  A Vice-president, an Assistant Secretary and an Assistant Treasurer may also be elected.

In case of vacancies, the committee may co-opt a member to fill a place temporarily, until the replacement is confirmed at the next General Assembly


Article 9 – Meetings of the Conseil d’Administration

The CA meets at least once every six months, on the invitation of the President or on demand from a quarter of its members.

Decisions are taken by majority vote.

Any member of the CA who, without excuse, does not attend three consecutive meetings, may be considered to have resigned.

Article 9 – Ordinary General Assembly

The ordinary General Assembly includes all paid-up members of the association. It is held once a year, if possible in the final third of the year.

A fortnight before the fixed date, an invitation is sent to all members by the Secretary.  The agenda is indicated on the invitation and postal voting papers are included.

The President, assisted by members of the CA, presides and delivers the association’s annual report.  The Treasurer delivers a financial report for approval.  The Secretary delivers a report on association activity.

A secret ballot is held every four years to elect a new Conseil d’Administration.

Only written questions, received one week before the date of the AG, are obliged to receive an answer at the meeting.

Article 10 – Extraordinary General Assembly

If necessary, or at the behest of over half the paid-up members, the President may call an extraordinary General Assembly, following the procedures set out in Article 9.

Article 11 – Association regulation

An internal association regulation may be established by the CA, bo be approved by the General Assembly

Article 12 (final) – Dissolution of the association

In case a dissolution of the association is envisaged, this decision will be submitted by the CA to the FFCT for their agreement.  If refused, the Federation will take over the management of the association “Club des Cent Cols”



Enacted at Nâves Parmelan, the 15 November 2018, following modifications agreed at the Club’s General Assembly on the 10 November 2018.
Guy Harlé
General Secretary 
Transmitted to the Prefecture of the Haute Savoie