The challenges of the Club des Cent Cols

These challenges are open to all, whether members of the Club or not.


Thegoals of these Challenges have been determined by listening to the members of the Club, and by observing the practice and precepts of cycle tourism.

The “Rules of the game” For the Challenges

 Article 1: An official challenge of the Club des Cent Cols is an invitation from a Club member to climb the passes from a list established by himself, and according to his own criteria.  The climbing is the main object and the only common point of the challenge, while the theme is left to the discretion of the creator of the challenge.  Otherwise the specific rules of the challenge adhere to the more general rules of the Club, as set out in the “Règle du Jeu”, in particular the rule that cols must be climbed by muscular force alone.

Article 2: Any challenge must first receive the agreement of the Conseil d’Administration of the Club des Cent Cols, to be classed as an official challenge of the Club.

These pages on the Club website are dedicated to the official challenges, currently agreed. They include general data on the challenges, some data specific to each challenge and the contact detailsof the creator of the challenge.

Article 3: The creator himself establishes the framework of his own challenge at will. At the request of a potential participant, the challenge creator will provide the registration form, the challenge frame and the final list of passes contained within the challenge. He keeps the accounts of the passes climbed by each participant. At the beginning of the year, the creator will advise the Club of the state of participation of his challenge, with a view to an entry in the Revue Annuel.