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ccWay is a web-based app on the Club site, which extracts a chosen group of cols according to your desired criteria, and which then produces various types of geo-localisation output files.  You can then use these files in your preferred software, such as Google Earth, Carto Explorer, or many others.

ccWay is not specifically designed for users of GPS devices.  You can however use ccWay files to plan your outings or trips on a map base, to get a 3D view of a group of cols on Google Earth, and in numerous other ways, limited only by your imagination.  You may of course be able to download ccWay files onto your GPS appliances, dependent on the specific utility of that device

ccWay covers France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, and Italy, and will extend to other countries as and when the catalogues of those countries contain the required map coordinates.  You can select cols by country or by administrative region (department, province, canton etc.), or by map number, or by making a mouse selection on an interactive map.  Cols may also be filtered, for example cols <2000m or >2000m, or by grade of difficulty.  ccWay can also differentiate between cols that you have already climbed and those still to do.

On an interactive map, you can also make trans-border selections, for example all the cols on the two sides, French and Spanish, of the Pyrenees, and thus produce a fusion of cols.  You can also ask ccWay to find all the cols which lie along a projected itinerary, for example along the high Alpine route from Nice to Bourg-St.Maurice.

ccWay operates entirely online.  You don’t have to download catalogues or any special app on your computer.  But of course you will have probably downloaded the apps like Google Earth which can deal with ccWay files.  All ccWay file output can be personalised by the user.