RSS feed

Rédigé par Enrico Alberini

An RSS feed (RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication) is a feed allowing subscribers to automaticallyreceive a part (eg. title or extract) or the whole of a new article from a website. In this way you canfollow updates on a site without visiting it. The RSS file can be read by most recent browsers, byspecialised apps, or even by the messaging software installed on your computer.

RSS feeds can also be used to make links between sites.

Once subscribed you will be automatically informed, in real time, of latest update on the selectedsite.

To subscribe in an email account

Copy the URL below to subscribe to RSS Feed in your email account.

Click here for detailed information.

To subscribe in a browser 

In most browsers, the RSS function is no longer offered by default. You must therefore start byinstalling an extension. Open ‘extensions’ or ‘complementary modules’ or another equivalentformulation in your browser’s menu and look for RSS. Which extensions exist will depend on thebrowser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera…) and this will change over time. That is why we can’tprovide you with more targeted advice. So do your own research amongst the current extensions inyour preferred browser. After you have installed the extension, click on this link to subscribe :

Subscribe with a specific program 

If your email account doesn’t let you subscribe, try a specific program for this function. we would suggest you search for ‘rssreader for windows’ (or whatever your operating system is eg.Linux, Mac os, Android).