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These “Topo” guides are particularly aimed at cyclists who love the mountains and their cols, and above all those who want to escape from the tarmac to explore the thousands of kilometres of tracks and trails, far from the motorised hustle and bustle of the main roads.

The “Topo guides – massifs” follow the circuits published in Topos 1 to 7 but group them by mountain range.

Each guide costs 5 euros, to which you must add 3 eurosto receive a CD-ROM (all the numbers 1-7 fit on a single CD-ROM). The size of these PDF files does not allow them to be sent by email.

If you order one or more Topos on CD, the 3 € cost includes both the CD and postage costs. Postage is included in the price of paper Topos.

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Since the publication of TOPO5 in 1999, much time has been spent in improving these guides, with the help of Club members who have kindly sent in tour descriptions. The new issuesare based on the following criteria:

  • To cover, if possible, as many mountain ranges as possible to offer a very wide choice.
  • To present circuits of average difficulty, accessible to as many people as possible. Some circuits are, however, reserved for experienced cyclists used to mountain conditions. Where this is this case, a warning appears in the presentation text of the circuit.
  • To offer outings taking several days, that allowa fuller discovery of a region,and further touring possibilities, including on off-road trails and paths. TOPO6, for example, allows you to discover the beautiful landscapes between Digne les Bains and Puget-Théniers.
  • To discover a region by offering geographically adjacent circuits radiating from a central point.

With the first issue of TOPO dating from 1990, it has been essential to publish regular updates of the various circuits, since new passes have appeared, and new tracks have been drawn offering new possibilities. TOPO users will therefore be able to update the information in their possession. Of course, any new discoveries that are reported to us will be considered and published in future issues.

TOPOs are available in print and electronically, in PDF format

Examples of the circuits (in French)

General summary of the topo guides :

Paper version:

  • TOPO N°1 to N°7 : 8 euros (inc.postage).   Special offer : the 7 TOPO France : 40 euros (inc. postage)
  • TOPO Suisse : 8 euros (inc. postage)

Electronic PDF version :

  • TOPO N°1 to N°7 :as the paper version.
  • TOPO Suisse :as the paper version.

TOPO régionaux : Vosges-Allemagne,  Alpes-Nord,  Alpes-Centrales,  Alpes-Sud,  Massif-Central,  Pyrénées. (the TOPO Suisse is not included) Circuits are the same as in the numbered versions, but regrouped by mountain range)

The numbering of the TOPO guides has been carried out by Frédéric Brault.