Discussion list

The main purpose of the Club’s Discussion List is to allow the communication of information between Club members, on subjects related to our practice of cycle tourism.

Registration on the list

If you are a Club member, you can join the discussion list simply by sending a blank email to the following address:

Afterwards, send your messages to:

An important note (from Daniel Bossard):

<<To avoid seeing your messages sent by “Prénom Nom” you must edit your profile. I don’t know if there’s a simpler method, but here’s the one I used:

  • Go to the https://groups.io site
  • Click at the top right on “Log in
  • Enter your email address in Email Address and click ‘Forgot your password, or don’t have one yet? »
  • A link is sent to your inbox. Click on this link: you are on the home page of your profile. Click left on “Identity
  • You can edit your general profile (top frame) and cent Cols profile by clicking on the corresponding “Edit” button.
  • It’s the Cent Cols profile that interests us: there you can change your “Display Name“. This is the name that will appear as a sender when you send a message to the list.
  • Don’t forget to click at the bottom of the page on “Update Group Profile” to have your changes saved.>>

All you will then have to do is send your messages to: 

Your first message may be an opportunity for a brief introduction (your name, your place of residence, your interests, a personal website – everything that will allow us to know you better).

The managers of the list are currently:

Philippe Carrez (former member of the Club’s Conseil d’Administration)

Enrico Alberini (current Club President)

You can reach them by writing to:carrez.philippe@free.fr or  To unsubscribe from the list, click here   If you change your address, please cancel your old address and request a new one. The address registered on your membership file is separate from the address used for this list. To make a change,you should therefore modify both. Your membership file can be seen at: https://www.centcols.org/membres/th/profilM.php

the discussion list charter

This charter sets out some rules for use of the Club Discussion List.

All topics concerning the activities of our Club or related to the practice of cycle tourism in general, and mountain cycle tourism in particular,may be aired on this discussion list. On the other hand, any polemic subject which could lead to controversy, particularly one of a political or religious nature, is strictly prohibited. It may sometimes, sparingly, be permissible to deviate from a strictly sporting topic– for example to a topic of general cultural interest. Good spirit and humour are not only allowed but encouraged, while respecting generally accepted good taste.

Social behaviour
To keep this list attractive, user-friendly, and interesting for all of its subscribers, it is important to follow a number of basic and obvious rules. Politeness in all circumstances is obligatory (for example, start mails with a “Bonjour”). A courteous tone is pleasant, so should be adopted.  Conversely, an unpleasant, aggressive, or offensive attitude should be avoided. Don’t be afraid of broaching any matterwithin the approved topic framework, even if it may have been discussed before. Answersshould always be patient and friendly. We strongly advocate tolerance at all times.

Practical matters
Your topic: please make sure you write a short and explicit title. Consider changing the subject title of the message if your response differs significantly from the original subject. Avoid piling up messages, and retain only those that are of interest, convincing enoughto  continue the conversation. Photos, documents,and other files are not allowed as attachments. On the other hand, links to photo montages, or to interesting sites directly relevant to our activity, are encouraged. Anonymity is not allowed, and in the case of a pseudonym, your name and internet address must appear in the messages you send to the list. Do notpost personal messageson the list. If you wish to reply to a single person, be sure to delete the address , and post only to the address of the intended recipient.

Topic interest
Keep in mind that not all topics will interest all subscribers. If emails about a topic don’t interest you, it’s best to delete them from your inbox rather than make a protest. On the other hand, it is also important not to overload the list with numerous, redundant emails which add nothing new. You can also suggest continuinga discussion in a private group, between people interested in the topic, before sharing your conclusions on the list.

 Everyone is free to use the language of their choice, but the message will not be readable by the majority if it does not also include a version in French, the language most used by subscribers. Translating an interesting email from French to another language will be proof of interest to our non-French speaking friends.

Given the restrictions set out fortopics andappropriate behaviour, the Club does not envisage constant moderation from above by the list managers. Deviating from this charter may happen by mistake. The author can then apologise on the list as soon as he becomes aware of his error. If the deviation is noted by a third party, we strongly advise that the author is asked politely for an explanation,as this may have been an error and not deliberate. An excusableerror is not a deliberate or harmful act. Managers may sometimes sometimes be called upon to intervene during a discussion to keep the peace, and thus avoid the risks of “overheating”. The teachings of the past prepare us for the future! In these instances, the next step would be to contact the member at fault “in person”, to indicate their mistake and ask them not to renew it. In the event of a repeat offense, the member may be excluded from the list, for a period to be determined, according to the seriousness of the fault and by decision of the list managers and the Conseil d’Administration of the Club des Cent Cols.

The members of the Club des Cent Cols are scattered about in many different regions and countries, and most of them do not know each other. This list is often the only means of contact between us. It is, therefore, a powerful bond that connects us. It is therefore extremely important to preserve this bond, bearing in mind that each of our messages, depending on its content, couldeither reinforce or corrode it.


Written by Bernard Giraudeau which has modified a text written by Régis Paraz, with the help of Agnès Méoulet-Morieux