The Club catalogues

The official Club catalogues all conform to the Club’s “Règle du Jeu”.  This means that, for countries covered by the catalogues, the annual lists of climbed cols submitted by members should all refer to them.  The catalogues are fairly regularly updated, in some cases annually.  And between updates, some catalogues have “supplements” added, which can be viewed separately.

All paid-up members of the Club can download the latest version of each catalogue either by entering the members’ section, or directly by clicking here. More details are available regarding the new Database of cols and the new catalogues  in the Club newsletter of the 29th October 2020.

The sale of catalogues to non-members is in the form of PDF files. These PDF catalogues don’t contain all the data of the passes but only the main variables.
This sale allows future members to build up a list of passes recognised by the Club before joining.

To see the full range of our offer or to buy cols catalogues, visit the shop and its cols catalogues.