Cycle tours

Let us take you on some journeys of discovery

 The “randonnées permanentes”

The “Randonnées Permanentes” are long-distance cycling routes, each including at least 100 cols.
There are currently twenty-four Randonnées Permanentes established by the Club, and they cover very different regions in five countries of Europe.
You can do as much or as little of each Randonnée in one go as you want, as you choose.
The Randonnées are open to all, whether or not you are a member of the Club.
See here, for further information.

The brevets

Climbing all the cols in a German Land, a Swiss canton, an Italian or Spanish province, a French département – this is the challenge in obtaining one of our numerous brevets.
And completing all the local brevets in a country will get you a national super brevet.
For the moment the brevets are reserved for club members, but it is intended to open them to non-members. There is nothing to stop you, as a non-member or “aspirant”, from continuing to climb the cols in these brevets in anticipation of participating at a later date.
Further information
List of the brevets

The challenges

These cycle challenges have been specially chosen by members of the Club, and will introduce you to some very special climbs.
Open to members and non-members of the Club.
See here, for further information.