FFCT Sport License

Rédigé par Hervé RETIÈRE

The Club des Cent Cols (#06384) offers its members the possibility to take a FFCT licence. When you join the Club des Cent Cols, it means you have a passion for cycling in mountainous areas, be it on a road, or a mountain or a gravel bike.

Important to note :

(*) FFCT licences are delivered only to the members of the Club des Cent Cols as well as associate members who are up to date with their yearly subscription to the Club.

The subscription fee is €15.00 for the Club members and €7.50 for associate members.

Please note that you can pay the €15.00 fee by check to « Club des Cent Cols » or by bank transfer while requesting your licence to the secretary of the Club (You must make one payment for both the licence and Club subscription).

Licenses for 2024 season

The subscription fees to the FFCT licence, the federal magazine and the insurance policy will be the same as last year.

To be able to choose WHICH INSURANCE OPTION you want (mini-braquet, petit-braquet or grand-braquet), please have a look at the TABLES PUBLISHED BY THE FFCT EXPLAINING THE VARIOUS COVERAGE AND COSTS :

For information : Clubs PRICE LIST – 2024 Season(FFCT document).

For information : A SUMMARY OF THE 2024 POLICY DOCUMENT(FFCT document). This document informs you about the various guarantees and terms offered according to the option chosen.

Medical Certificate – QS-Sport questionnaire ?

The medical certificate will remain compulsory only for cyclists who take part in a cyclo sporting event.

The QS-Sport questionnaire has been modified by the Federation to make it more complete. This questionnaire is confidential, which means you should not send it to your club but you keep it home for your self after reading it attentively.

In the document « 1- 2024 licence request », you must acknowledge you are informed of health risks as exposed in the questionnaire ticking.               

   I’vereadthese questions attentively.

Documents required

1- Request for 2024 licence (One form per family). The procedure has been simplified : you need to fill in onlyone subscription form, size A4 recto verso, containing a list of questions and the « AXA insurance coupon ».

If you send your form by post, please mention « Club des Cent Cols » in the address.

You can also use the Internet to email your subscription form and make your bank transfer to the « Club des Cent Cols ».

If so, please attach a copy of the transfer voucher  to help the secretary in the data processing of all the subscriptions they receive,

Documents for FFCT insurances

2 – 2024 AXA information leaf let. This document must be read carefully. The coupon inserted in « 1-Request for 2024 licences » must be signed.

The e-licence will be sent directly to the address you have given.

If you do not have an email address, give the address of the secretary who will forward the licence to you.

For any further information

Contact :

Club des Cent Cols
Hervé Retière
28 Rue La Fontaine
95240 Cormeilles-en-Parisis
+33 (0)