Randonnées Permanentes

The 24 permanent long-distance touring routes are based on a simple principle, you have to :

Pick your touring route (TR or in French RP for ‘randonnée permanente’)

You’ll have the choice among 24 TRs

– using your mountain-bike (Vosges and Black Forest) or road bike

– crossing numerous montain ranges : the Black Forest, Vosges, Jura, Massif Central, the Alps, the the Pyrenees, Corsica, the Cantabrian Mountains, the Iberian and Sierra Nevada Mountains

– visiting several countries : Spain, Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, the Principality of Andorra, and Austria.

Choose your TR according to

  • the concept of the route, you’ll find 3 types
    • a linear route, going from point A to point B, like for example, the Ultreïa from Barcelona to Santiago de Compostela
    • a linear route, going back to the starting point, like for example, the Hundred Cols in the North of Corsica
    • cycle loops, the route is cut in small loops that will require from 1 to 4 days of travel making the organization easier (finding an accommodation (hotel, camp site.., being assisted by somebody…), like for example the Cycle Loops in Provence 
  • the difficulty of the route : the easiest routes are less than 1,000 kms (622 miles) long with an elevation gain of 20,000 m (65617 ft). The toughest approach 1,800 km (1,119 miles) with a gain of 46,000 m (150919 ft)

Ask for the travel guide, GPX tracks and the roadmap for the collection of stamps to the member responsible for the TR (please see below)

Then enjoy the more than often mythical routes, the magnificent scenery, the breathtaking panorama that will leave you impressed ‘for life’.

These permanent randonnées are open to all cyclists, licensed or not, members of the Club Des Cent Cols or not

They can be carried out:

  • at any time
  • over one or more seasons
  • to and from any point on the route

The current list of riding participants

Fees per randonnée

  • Per participant: € 10.00 to obtain the PDF file guide, Excel and GPX file
  • “Paper” guide on request at

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For more information, contact the organiser of the Randonnées Permanentes:

10 rue de Normandie
31120 Portet sur Garonne
Tel: +33 (0) 5 61 76 30 12