Cent cols in north Corsica

Rédigé par Enrico Alberini


A 1,168 km route on sometimes deserted roads, rarely straight and never flat in the north of Corsica. But how many different landscapes, remarkable views and wonders?

104 cols (plus 20 nearby options) between 76 m and 1,477 m for a total climb of 25,000 m.

Note: 4 km of easy track for the first col. 12 cols are shared with the Randonnée Permanente“Cent Cols in the South of Corsica”

There are no problems with accommodation, without reservation, in hotels, lodges, campsites (with or without bungalows) from Easter to the end of June and from September to All Saints’ Day, possible periods for this randonnée. Winter makes some cols impassable and summer forces one to book accommodation in advance

Traced by Bernard Giraudeau (100cols n ° 3872)



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The Club des Cent Cols, founded in 1972 and affiliated to the French Federation of Cyclotouring, has prepared this “Randonnée Permanente” based on a simple theme: “One Hundred Cols”. The completion of these one hundred cols will allow you either to join the Club, or to progress with your list in the Club’s “Tableau d’Honneur”.

The tormented geological genesis of the northern part of Corsica has created a complex and colourful landscape, which a generous nature and a harsh climate have varied endlessly. Then man, by a multi-millennial work, pugnacious, sometimes voluntary, often constrained by a chaotic history, has achieved here an unsuspected heritage of a rare quality despite the isolation and a weak and fluctuating demography.

Each col crossed is an open door to a new valley and each valley offers a discreet difference in adaptation to these natural or historical events in a particularly homogeneous whole.

Discover the north of Corsica through 100 cols, is the theme of this Randonnée Permanente and a double frame, road and cultural, accompanies you along this journey.

Discover this permanent randonnée as experienced by Ariane and Philippe Marquet (Cent Cols n ° 6861 and 6862) in June 2012 through a superb slideshow in three parts:
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  • Cap Corse, Agriates, Balagne.
  • Golfe de Porto, Niolo, Corte, et le Venacais
  • Costa Serena, Castagniccia et retour à Bastia.


Eight checks are compulsory. They will be made at route points chosen by the randonneur himself, a check being carried out in each section (the section numbers are to be found on the route map):

  1. Bastia – Saint-Florent km 0 à km 138.5
  2. Saint Florent – Calvi km 138.5 à km 345.5
  3. Calvi – Piana km 345.5 à km 465.5
  4. Piana – Ajaccio km 465.5 à km 620.5
  5. Ajaccio – Calacuccia km 620.5 à km 810
  6. Calacuccia – Ghisoni km 810 à km 930.5
  7. Ghisoni – Cervione km 930.5 à km 1082.5
  8. Cervione – Bastia km 1082.5 à km 1239

NB : The randonnée can be made in 9 separate loops, starting from:

  • Bastia (2 boucles)
  • Calvi (2 boucles)
  • Porto
  • Ajaccio
  • Corte (3 boucles)

Principal cols

  • Bocca di a Battaglia 1099 m
  • Col de Scalella 1193 m
  • Col de Sevi 1101 m
  • Col de Verghio 1477 m
  • Col d’Erbajo 904 m
  • Col de Sorba 1311 m
  • Col de Casardo 985 m
  • Bocca di Comiti 1094 m
  • Col de Prato 985 m
  • Col de Bigorno 885 m

BCN and BPF sites on the route

  • Nonza
  • Porto
  • Corte
  • Piedicroce

Rules of the randonnées permanentes

Any participant in this 100 Col Route agrees to respect the rules governing it.

More information

10 rue de Normandie
31120 Portet sur Garonne
Tél : +33 (0)5 61 76 30 12
E-mail : randos@centcols.org

Please note : Depending on the age, and the version of your route card, the name and address of your officer may be out of date. Please send your route cards for certification, as well as your postcards and the stories of your rides, only to Jean-Marc Clément at the above address (do not write to Roger Colombo, Bernard Pommel, Jean-Marc Lefèvre or Roland Grimaud †)