Rules of the Game for Randonnées permanentes

Rédigé par Enrico Alberini

The Randonnées Permanentes are open to cyclists of any nationality, whether or not members of the Club or members of any other cycling club.

They can be carried out:

  • At any time
  • Over one or more seasons
  • To or from any point on the route

A randonnée will only be considered complete if the participant has climbed all the cols of the randonnée, though this may be done on separate journeys.

The participant must have his route map checked in each section of the randonnée, according to the specific procedures described in the route book. Each check is in the form of either a stamp requested from a local shop or office, or an explicit photo (for example: your bicycle in front of a town or col sign).

The completed route map must be sent for approval to the Club’s Coordinator for the Randonnées Permanentes, whose address is on the map. If necessary contact him by email at

The completion of a Randonnée Permanente gives you the right to a numbered diploma which will be sent to you with your approved road map.

All participants must agree to have personal insurance, and to respect the highway code and road safety in general.

Any under-age participant must be supervised by a parent, a legal representative or a qualified teacher.