DE-BW The Black Forest Haslach im Kinsigtal West – Gravel 87Km, D+2541m, 20 cols

Author description

Author : Jean-Luc Ceccato

Start : The start of this route is in Haslach from a parking lot in the middle of the Strickerweg between cemetery and stadiums. Alt: 228 m

Route completed in 2021

General description

The concentration of passes in Haslach im Kinsigtal South and East is absolutely remarkable. A short stay in Haslach is the perfect way to combine pass-picking with a visit to the picturesque village.

20 cols

1          Dochbacher Platz                  DE-BW-0516
2          Hofstetter Eck                       DE-BW-0543a
3          Niederbachereck                   DE-BW-0590c
4          Hohe                                       DE-BW-0667
5          Fixenplatz                              DE-BW-0591a
6          Eckle                                      DE-BW-0520
7          Schellenlochle                       DE-BW-0455
8          Totenruheplatz                      DE-BW-0495b
9          Jägertoni Eck                         DE-BW-0430a
10        Kreuzplatz                              DE-BW-0445
11        Heidenbauerneck                  DE-BW-0470
12        Nocken Kreuzplatz               DE-BW-0472
13        Kambacher Eck                     DE-BW-0539a
14        Niederbacher Eck                 DE-BW-0487a
15        Langeck                                  DE-BW-0392
16        Schuttereckle                         DE-BW-0350
17        Am Unteren Sattel                DE-BW-0356
18        Lutzenhardter Sattel             DE-BW-0399b
19        Hageneck                               DE-BW-0459
20        Oberbachsattel                      DE-BW-0277

Technical description

This route is not difficult, but it does have some elevation changes. I rode a Gravel without any problems.

Approximately 50% of the route is on paved roads, with the remainder on beautiful trails. The length, the difference in altitude and sometimes the percentages are quite formidable!

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Key words : Foret Noire, Haslach im Kinsigtal, Bade, centcols

This itinerary is offered as an indication only. The author accepts no liability, nor that of the Club des Cent Cols, for any imponderables due to the cyclist himself, the equipment used or anything else concerning the road, its surroundings or other users.

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A Black Forest Valley


Hofstetter Eck
Jägertoni Eck
Nocken Kreuzplatz
Kambacher Eck
Niederbacher Eck

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