CH-TI Erbonne and Bocchetta d’Orimento – Road 64 Km, D+1551m, 1 col

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Author: André Rudaz

Course completed on 26 May 2023

Départure point : Riva San Vitale (Ticino). Pay car park, Via del l’Indipendenza..
Alt: 276 m

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This route straddles the border between Switzerland and Italy, with Switzerland, curiously enough, to the south of Italy!

It passes through Erbonne, a tiny village on the edge of Lombardy.

This village, with 15 residents in 2001, 9 in 2012 and 4 in 2023, is located 6 km from Casasco d’Intelvi and just 1 km from the Swiss village of Scudellate. Over three hundred years of conflict between the municipality of San Fedele Intelvi and the residents of Erbonne, who were cut off from all kinds of municipal services, led the people of Erbonne to conclude an agreement with the Swiss village of Scudellate, which, in return for payment, guaranteed medical, school and funeral services to the people of Erbonne!

In 1911, for the first time, a cemetery was built in Erbonne!

The road linking San Fedele Intelvi to Erbonne was built in 1954.

Between 1916 and 1969, San Fedele guaranteed a school in Erbonne, initially in private premises and, from 1958, in a purpose-built structure.

1 col

Bocchetta d’Orimento IT-CO-1275a

Technical description

Scudellate and Erbonne are linked by a path about 1 km long (easy to push with a hiker). There is a footbridge between Switzerland and Italy just before Erbonne.

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