DE-BW The Black Forest Gaggenau – MTB 120 Km, 2752m, 12 cols

Author’s description

Author: Jean-Luc Ceccato

Start: Gaggenau: parking area near the Waldfriedhof (cemetery), right bank of the Murg, at the intersection of MichelBacher Strasse and Kniebisstrasse.

Route completed on 08/31/2019

12 cols

1 – Haubensattel DE-BW-0385a
2 – Monchkopfsattel DE-BW-0526
3 – Dreieck DE-BW-0469
4 – Hohe DE-BW-0352
5 – Weithauslesplatz DE-BW-0822a
6 – Heselsteig DE-BW-0688
7 – Sattel DE-BW-0717
8 – Viereichensattel DE-BW-0912
9 – Schwarzmissattel DE-BW-0934
10 – Wolfschlucht DE-BW-0381a
11 – Selbacher Hohe DE-BW-0221
12 – Meisternebene DE-BW-0707a

Technical description

This route does not present any major difficulties, and was done with a mountain bike on 40 road tires, without any problems. The only small difficulty is the access to the pass DE-BW-0688, which is located 100 m from the path in the thickets.

Like most of the Black Forest routes, one is often confronted with rather steep slopes.

In 2019 the passes n° 11 and 12 were not referenced. These two passes are very close to the route I had drawn at the time. So don’t forget to integrate them, by slightly modifying the route

This route is composed of about 80% of paved roads and the rest of beautiful rolling tracks. It is quite long, but quite feasible because it is very rolling. It can also be split in two in an axis between the village of Gernsbach and Bad Herrenald.

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Key words : Forêt Noire, Gaggenau, centcols

This itinerary is proposed as an indication. The author is not responsible for the imponderables due to the cyclist himself, the equipment used and everything that concerns the road, its surroundings and the other users of it.

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Old milestone
Selbacher Hohe

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