FR-2A The Cruzzini valley – Road 87 Km, D+1654m, 4 cols

Author’s description

Author : Bernard Giraudeau

Start and finish: on the T 22 near Afa, parking near the T20 / D161 intersection. Alt: 40 m


Through Bocca di Sarzoggiu, the route reaches the Cinarca and its corbelled villages facing the Gulf of Liscia. Then through Bocca d’Ambiegna, it gains the valley of the river Cruzzini which it skims before going up to join Bocca di Tartavellu. In the descent, it crosses Vero and finds the road axis Ajaccio-Bastia (T20) for a short time and mostly downhill! Finally, the course resumes its quiet course on small roads to reach the starting point. The roads are in good condition but never straight or flat!

4 cols

1 – Bocca di Sarzoggiu FR-2A-0612
2 – Bocca d’Ambiegna FR-2A-0376
3 – Bocca di Tartavellu FR-2A-0885
4 – Bocca di Carazzi FR-2A-0210

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Key words : Cinarca, Cruzini, Bocca di Sarzoggiu, Bocca di Tartavellu, centcols

This itinerary is proposed as an indication. The author is not responsible for the imponderables due to the cyclist himself, the equipment used and everything that concerns the road, its surroundings and the other users of it.

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Bocca di Sarzoggiu
Bocca d’Ambiegna
Bocca di Tartavellu
Bocca di Carazzi