FR-70 Great East Meeting 2023 – MTB 36 Km, D+1228m, 4 cols

Author’s description

Auteur : Denis Mathieu

Completed 27 may 2023

Start : Car park in the community of Plancher les Mines, at the canal cul de sac (turn right on the Rue du Pont du Var, the car park is on the left after the little bridge). Alt : 500 m

General description

After the Col de la Chevestraye,  we go through the community of BELFAHY. The village centre is at 840 m and is the highest in the Haute-Saône and even in the Vosges Massif. At the Col des Chevrères, the route leads to the completely new Col Sans-Nom and the waterfall of Goutte des Saules. Before returning towards Plancher Les Mines, the Super Planche via the Planche des Belles Filles, world famous thanks to the Tour de France is on the programme. The Col d’Auxelles, straddling the départments of Haute-Saône (70) and the Territoire de Belfort (90) is located at the southern extreme of the Vosges Massif. It gives a view to the south over the famous Trouée de Belfort, a 20 km wide passage between the Vosges and the Jura, formerly known as the Porte de Bourgogne.

4 cols

Col de la Chevestraye FR-70-0640
Col des Chevrères       FR-70-0914
Col sans Nom               FR-70-1001
Col d’Auxelles              FR-70-0827

Technical description

The route begins on a road, a little steep and busy until the Col des Chevrères. On the right a rideable footpath leads to the Col sans Nom (ie. to within 50m of it).

A good forest track followed by a somewhat technical section leads us to the waterfall. You can avoid this section by following the track straight ahead. The climb to the Super-Planches des Belles Filles is severe (7 km for 600 metres of ascent with some very steep sections).
The return to the car park has no difficulties


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Key words: Planche des belles filles, Haute-Saône, Belfahy, centcols

This itinerary is offered as an indication. The author disclaims his responsibility and that of the Club des Cent Cols by virtue of imponderables due to the cyclist himself, the equipment used and everything concerning the road, tracks and paths, their surroundings and other users of them.

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The last km
From the Super Planche, view of the Trouée de Belfort.
On the way down from the Super Planche.
Col de la Chevestraye
Col des Chevrères
Col Sans Nom
Col d’Auxelles
Après le col d’Auxelles