FR-2B The Crêtes du Niolu – MTB 46Km, D+1487m, 7 cols

Author’s description

Author: Bernard Giraudeau

Course: performed in 2019

Start: parking area near the Calacuccia dam. Höhe: 810 m

Tourist description

The southern ridges of the Niolu are a wonderful viewpoint on the vast green depression of the Golo valley known as Niolu. The horizon to the northwest is blocked by the Monte Cinto massif, the highest peak in Corsica (2,706 m) and its satellites, all of which are over 2,500 m high.

In the south-east, the gorges of another great river of Corsica open to the view, those of the Tavignanu upstream of Corte.

7 cols

1 – Bocca a Croce FR-2B-1602b

2 – Bocca Capizzolu FR-2B-1602a

3 – Bocca di l’Arinella FR-2B-1592

4 – Bocca Aleri FR-2B-1575

5 – Colletta di Melo FR-2B-1444

6 – Bocca di Conia FR-2B-1669

7 – Bocca a Canaghia FR-2B-1815

Technical description

The paved part concerns 15% of the course or 6.8 km.

The forestry or DFCI tracks are 72%, or 33 km.

Three sectors on trails will be easy to climb. The final sectors near Bocca di Conia (S2-3) and Bocca a Canaghia (R2) will be more difficult.

A Gravel bike can therefore be used over a wide area.

Key words : Niolu, Calacuccia, Albertacce, Casamaccioli, centcols

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R1 trail from Bocca Aleri
Monte Cinto
The Sheepfolds of Conia
Bocca Cappizzolu