Raduno Italiano – 30 September-1st October 2023

Du 30 septembre 2023 au 01 octobre 2023

Saturday 30 September-Sunday 1st October 2023

2 itineraries for road bikers and 2 itineraries for mountain bikers will be proposed. The Italy 2023 Raduno will take place in an area rich in quiet roads among the hills and with mountains crossed by roads that are sometimes steep, but always doable by bicycle. In the early autumn period we will still have favorable conditions for hunting climbs and high mountain passes. We are in the Pellice Valley, with the legendary climbs from Rif. Barbara Lowrie to the hills on the military roads surrounding Col Barant 2200 m, and we are not far from the legendary Assietta ridge road, to be done in the high variant of Ciantiplagna, with the cols of Vecchia, Vallette and the Vallon Creux pass, around 2500 m.

San Secondo road – 52 km (Saturday 30 september, start at 10h 30)
Prarostino Torre Pellice Pianpra
1050 m of climbing
IT-TO-0855a Colletta di Serpoulè 844
IT-TO-0850 Colletta 858
IT-TO-1008 Colle delle Bule 1008
IT-TO-0565 Il Colletto 563
IT-TO-0713 Colletto Rabbi 713
IT-TO-1152a Colle di Pian Pra 1152

San Secondo MTB 38 km (Saturday 30 september, start at 10h 30)
Pra Martino Cro Eremita
1020 m of climbing
IT-TO-0916 Colle di Pra Martino 916
IT-TO-0945 Colle Mortero 947
IT-TO-0927b Colle Cumola 933
IT-TO-1123 Colle Lubè 1118
IT-TO-1094 Colle Ciardonet 1081
IT-TO-1013 Colle Eremita 1014
IT-TO-0801 Colle dell’Infernetto 801

San Secondo road 105 km (Sunday 1st october, start 9h)
Pra Martino Finestre
2300 m of climbing
IT-TO-0916 Colle di Pra Martino 916
IT-TO-2176 Colle delle Finestre 2178

San Secondo MTB 36 km (Sunday 1st october, start 9h)
Vaccera Sea Prarostino
1200 m of climbing
IT-TO-1329 Passo Pra la Mura 1331
IT-TO-1461 Colle Vaccera 1465
IT-TO-1375 Passo della Sea 1375
IT-TO-1323 Passo della Sea 1323
IT-TO-1008 Colle delle Bule 1008
IT-TO-0850 Colletta 858
IT-TO-0855a Colletta di Serpoulè 844

Gathering will be at :
Hotel Villa Glicini
Via Valpellice 68/a

+39 0121.50.31.25

The bookings will be placed directly with the hotel on the agreed conditions below :

Double bedroom one bed : 74.00 € per bedroom and night Double bedroom/twin beds : 84.00 € per bedroom and night Triple bedroom : 124.00€ per bedroom and night Four-bed bedroom : 134.00 € per bedroom and night

Social dinner on the 30th of September : 30.00 €

The participants to the social dinner will be allowed to park their mobile-homes on the hotel site.


Luigi Spina +39 349 416 31 74