Rendez-vous Occitan Bernardini, 25 June 2023 – Amelie les Bains.

Du 22 juin 2023 au 26 juin 2023


From 1990 to 1994, René Marty brilliantly organised the ‘Concentration de la ligue Pyrénées Roussilon (Pyrénées Rousillon League Rendezvous). In 1995, it was renamed the ‘Randonnée Souvenir Michel Bernardini’ in honour of his friend who had died unexpectedly in 1993, and René continued to organise it until 2015.

From 2016 to 2022 Jean-Pierre Lambert successfully took over the running of it.
I was asked to keep things going and accepted the challenge with pleasure.I have greatly ‘enjoyed’ these get-togethers, only missing one in the last 20 years.

So we can meet again for the Rendez-vous Occitan Bernardini 2023. Rendez-vous in the spirit of other regional gatherings.Occitan to mark the geographical area to which I am so attached. Bernardini to honour the memory of Michel Bernardini.

This regional get-together will take place on Sunday the 25th June 2023 in the heart of the Vallespir. It will start from Amelie les Bains at 09.00. The route is quite rideable and won’t pose any problems for gravel bikes. There will be eight cols in 35km with a total climb of 1250m.
The intended route for Sunday is published on Openrunner (number 16538625).

For a few years already, this regional meeting has been turned into a mini-séjour to satisfy the greatest number of participants. Those who wish will be able to stay from the evening of Thursday 22 to Monday 26 June, with more than 40 cols on the programme, most of which will be rideable. Only a few will require pushing or carrying.

Friday 23 June: OR 15759697 – 35 km – D 960 m – 14 passes. As this is a short route, it may be possible to complete it with a return trip from Amélie to the Collada de Sant Pau: OR 16874377 – 17 km and D 230 m.
Saturday 24 June: OR 16875417 – 57 km – D 1300 m – 6 cols or OR 16495317 – 70 km – D 1700 m – 11 cols.
Monday 26 June: OR 16875007 – 47 km – D 1300 m – 8 cols or OR 16495422 – 58 km – D 1800 m – 10 cols.

For Friday, Saturday and Monday, these routes are only suggestions. They can be ridden at completely free pace, with the possibility of modifications and with a start time to suit everyone. There is also plenty of scope for road rides.

There is plenty of accommodation in the town…and lots of of tourists. Make sure you book early enough if you mean to stay a few days. The apartment hotel Castel Emeraude seems to be of good quality for the price.


Fred Singla CCC 5173
06 33 68 33 44.