Drôme Ardèche Vaucluse, Saturday, 9 September 2023 at the col du Laux (FR-26-0883)

Welcome time from 11.00am to 15.30am

The organizer will invite you to taste sausages, cheeses and other regional specialities accompanied with some liquid substance you’ll certainly need to reward you after your day’s efforts.

Nom openrunner: Route Col du Laux 56 km 5 passi
FR-05-0604 Le Collet 592 —
FR-05-0749 Le Col 749 —
FR-05-0744 Le Collet 744 —
FR-26-0883 Col du Laux 883 —
FR-26-0886a Le Collet 883 —
I recommend starting from the village of Verclause , car park SuperU.

Nom openrunner: VTT col du Laux 36 km 11 cols

FR-26-0883 Col du Laux 883
FR-26-1087 Col de l’Ebastier 1087
FR-26-1052b Col du Reychasset
FR-26-1155a Col de Montaux 1155
FR-26-1134 Col du Sault 1134
FR-05-1135a Col de Lagremuse 1135
FR-05-1142a Col du Bravoux 1142
FR-26-1056b Col de Pierre Vesce 1056
FR-26-0997 Collet de Martin 997
FR-05-0937 Col de l’Adrèchon 937
FR-05-0991 Col d’Etoile 991

I recommend starting from the Col de Reychasset, which is on the circuit. There’s room for a few vehicles. It saves you the mountain bike climb on the road.


Jean-Marie Gilouin
06 31 79 01 06