Andorra, Bernardini, from 8 September to 12 September 2022

Rédigé par Enrico ALBERINI

Du 08 septembre 2022 au 12 septembre 2022

The BERNARDINI will take place next to the Principality of Andorra.

This gathering has, for the past few years, taken place over 4 days (from Friday to Monday) in accordance with the participants’ preferences, allowing them to collect some 2000m cols.

Our accommodation will be close to San Julia de Loria. Several cols of over 2000m are on the programme and they will be for the most part rideable; ideal for roadies and gravellists. New participants will be particularly welcome, and will meet a group of regulars. A good, friendly atmosphere is guaranteed.

A few loose ends are still to be tied up, and more details will be given soon. For the moment, mark this one in your diary.


Jean-Pierre Lambert
06 74 63 27 42

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