The Club des Cent Cols V2

We are a cycling club founded in 1972, made up of men and women of all ages, all nationalities, and all cycling disciplines.  We seek out mountain passes (cols)to climb, but we are not a competitive club – our members cycle at their own pace, where and when they wish, on roads or mountain trails, alone or in groups.  Some members may climb less than ten cols a year, others over a hundred.  But we have all met the main Rule of the Club, which stipulates that, to become a member, you must have climbed (by bike, using only your own muscle-power) at least one hundred different cols, with five out of each hundred being over 2000m high.

General Assembly 2024

The date of the Annual General Assembly has been changed: it will be held on 28 September 2024 rather than 5 October as originally

New regional animators

Alain BENOIST (CCC5663 and DT zone 04SW) and Alain THIBON  (CCC 3723) will replace Jean-Marie GILLOUIN  in organising the regional meeting DAV Drôme-Ardèche-Vaucluse. Many thanks to Jean-Marie for all he has done for the Club.

Pierre BRIVET (CCC601) replaces Philippe CHAZOTTIER for the organisation of the regional get-together Massif Central-East. Many thanks to Philippe for all his work for the Club.

The regional meeting Alpes du Nord of 2024 will take place in the Ain. Alain GUILLAUD-BACHET (CCC6270) joins Guy HARLE’ (CCC5193) and Bernard VIEILLARD (CCC1335). Many thanks to Raymond Barbier for all he has done for the Club.

Renaming catalogues

To enable members to better follow the evolution of our catalogues – especially when several modifications sometimes succeed in a single day – the files that are available to download will be named in such a way that shows the date they were modified and the version number of the catalogue.

The version is a number that increases at each update  – however small – of the catalogue since the start of the database.

For example, instead of ‘catFR-fr.xlsx’ , we’ll have’catFR-fr-231031-009.xlsx’  where 231031 represents the date (format year-month-day to make filtering easier) and 009 represents the number of the version.
In addition, on the catalogue download page, a new column shows you the version number of each catalogue.

Henri Dusseau celebrated his 90th birthday at the col de l’Iseran

Velomag – 6 août 2023
(in French)
Regis Paraz photo album

Velocio, the master thinker of cycling

Liberation – 3rd august 2023
(in french)

Provisionnal club calendar 2024

Spring break, MTB, road, gravel, Porticcio, Corsica, 20 to 27 April 2024
Summer break, MTB, road, gravel, Vogüé, Ardèche – France, 29 June to 6 July 2024
General Assembly of the club, Bugeat, France – Corrèze, 27 to 29 September 2024

Semaine fédérale internationale de Cyclotourisme

Roanne 20-28 July 2024

The cyclomontagnardes 2024

Cyclomontagnarde du Jura
15 – 16 June 2024

Cyclomontagnarde Luchon – Bayonne- 15 – 16 June 2024

Cyclomontagnarde Vosges – Alsace
22 – 23 June 2024

Cyclomontagnarde de Annecy
29 – 30 June 2024


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