The slim ties that unify the Club des Cent Cols and the FFCT trace their existence to the club’ creation.

Jean Perdoux, at that time a member of the directing office of the FFCT created, in the form of an association, a section of the Velo Club d’Annecy in 1972 that he called « Club des Cent Cols ».

In 1991, the Association  seperated from the VCA and was adopted directly by the FFCT. And in 1997, the association officially became a Club, under the terms of the association law of 1901. The new Club remained affiliated to the FFCT of course.

In January 2019, on the premises of the FFCT, a dialogue meeting brought together
Christian Proponet, general secretary of the FFCT,
Pierre-Antoine Morin, IT officer,
Gérard Birelli and Bernard Giraudeau, respectively vice-president and president of the Club des Cent Cols.

A first partnership agreement was signed in 2020.

The Club des Cent Cols supplies their database of road cols and rideable off-road ones in France to the FFCT for the website « veloenfrance », the working site of the FFCT for circuits.

  • It also supplies descriptions of its Randonnées Permanentes
  • Each col on the maps of « veloenfrance » is now validated by the Club’s logo and the caracteristics of the col (road, off-road).
  • The FFCT groups on its site all the RPs of the Club des Cent Cols in a coherent menu.
  • The club is now a privileged partner of the FFCT, as the presence of its logo alongside those of the other partners shows

The Club and the FFCT amplified this partnership in 2023 by :

  • The databases of the road and off-road cols of 10 European countries with 12 000 cols are now integrated in « veloenfrance ».
  • A link for map and photographic visualisation for each col is activated.
  • 5 of the Club’s new randonnées, titled « en boucles», are added to the group of randonnées permanentes
  • The visibility of the « Club des Cent Cols » on the « veloenfrance » site has been greatly improved with the institution of a partnership that profits both parties.

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