The European cycling Union – UECT

An association that has for vocation the promotion of cycletouring in Europe can’t but arouse the curiosity of the President of the Club des Cent Cols.

An association that includes many members from several European countries has also attracted the attention of the President of the European Cycling Union .

One thing leading to another and by chance meetings between Patrice Godart, President of the UECT, also a member of the CCC, and Bernard Giraudeau, President of the CCC, the interest of a collaboration between our two associations became essential.

This tacit understanding is based on an obvious fact. We  both have the same wish to make ourselves known amongst European cycletourists and our ways and means of communication though different are complementary.

The UECT has a network of partners made up of 8 national federations with more than 200 000 cyclists. The UECT offers randonnées from one European capital to another and organises an annual get-together, the Semaine European, in a different country each year.

The CCC has a knowledge of the ground everywhere in Europe thanks to its national catalogues of cols and can therefore complement these activities of the UECT.

Every time it is possible, we will work to promote the initiatives of the European Cycling Union in which we take part indirectly by offering our data of cols. These will be our best ambassadors for making known the Club des Cent Cols.