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  • To share a passion for cycling in the mountains: on road bike, gravel bike, mountain bike
  • To bring enthusiasts together with a simple challenge: to count and collect the mountain passes they climb
  • The Club rule: to climb 100 passes, of which 5 are more than 2000 m, using muscle-power only
  • The terrain: the mountain ranges of the whole world
  • The duration: for some it stops with your “100 col diploma”, for others it will last a lifetime


  • Established in 1972

The evolution of total membership per year from 1972 to today
  • Active members (who publish their lists of cols each year and pay their annual club fees): 2200 in 2020
  • 20 per cent of whom are women
  • Members from 17 countries in Europe and USA, Canada, Australia….


  • Members’ passes are declared “on honour”: no documentation of crossing need be provided
  • However, all passes must be recognised by the Club:
    • Either included in one of its published catalogues (currently covering 36 countries and over 80,000 cols)
  • Or, for countries still without a catalogue, as named cols following local tradition
  • Coverage of the whole of Europe is programmed for 2021, and for the whole world in 2022
  • Each year, the Club publishes its “Roll of Honour”, a list of all its active members, with the total number of cols they have climbed.


  • An annual Revue of almost 150 pages, written in French (though not exclusively, eg some English or Italian), sent out to all active members, including Members’ tales and anecdotes, the annual “Roll of Honour”, and numerous suggestions for future “séjours”

A Club shop, where members can obtain:

A line of cycle clothing in Club colours, bringing members together around shared values and a common image

  • The annual Revues
  • The emblematic book of “40 Years of History” of the Club, written by the Club’s creator Jean Perdoux(Cent Cols no 1), and illustrated by Jacques Faizant
  • The Club’s catalogues of cols

– below, for example, an extract of 8 columns (from 31 in total) from the catalogue of the Cols of France “The Chauvot”, which contains nearly 11,000 cols in total.

The “Type” column allows one to differentiate the cols between: 0=road, 10=track, 15=path etc

The “Documents” column provides an internet link to maps and other documents (photos, guides etc) linked to cols.  For example, the Col de Glières:

The icons allow you to choose the maps available online to view the col: Here ICN, OSM, ESRI, Google Maps, Google Street View

The passes are geolocated under 4 different systems. Here, in the example of the table, WGS 84 decimal and UTM

The catalogues are free for members, and included in the annual membership fee (15 euros)

  • A Waypoints generator: ccWay

This allows members to select the passes in the region they choose (country, administrative region, department, area on a map):

  • “Topo” Guides

These guides describe 280 off-road circuits in the principal European mountain ranges, with all the necessary details – distance, dénivelée, orientation, possible accommodation, predictable travel times etc.

All these geographical tools allow you to optimise your choice of destinations and consider all possible routes. The most experienced members may choose high off-road mountain routes of considerable difficulty, while others may instead settle for quiet routes on small deserted roads.


  • 3 annual “séjours”, each with about 250 members.
    • Duration: 3 to 7 days
    • Last countries visited: France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany
  • 20 “randonnées permanentes” (long distance trails, each with at least 100 passes)
    • Arc enCimes: The 100 highest road passes of the Arc Alpin
    • One hundred passes in the Jura
    • One hundred passes in northern Corsica
    • One hundred passes in southern Corsica
    • One hundred passes in the Alps
    • One hundred passes in Ardèche
    • One hundred passes in Drôme
    • One hundred passes in the Black Forest
    • One hundred road passes in the Black Forest
    • One hundred passes in Haut-Languedoc
    • One hundred passes in the French Riviera
    • One hundred passes in the Pyrenees
    • One hundred passes in Savoie Mont Blanc
    • One hundred passes in Triveneto
    • One hundred off-road passes in the Vosges
    • One hundred road passes in the Vosges massif
    • One hundred passes on the French Atlantic-Mediterranean Watershed
    • Helvetica Ronda: One hundred passes in Switzerland
    • The Divisoria: one hundred passes on the Spanish Atlantic-Mediterranean Watershed
    • La Ultreïa: one hundred passes from Barcelona to Santiago-de-Compostela

These permanent trails can be undertaken as you please, over one or more seasons, starting at any point on the itinerary. Agpx trace and a precise roadbook are provided for all participants.

For example, in France, among the 14 available“randos” we have:


A 1391 km circuit including 107 cols with a total vertical climb of at least 25,000 metres



A 1168 km circuit on largely deserted roads, rarely straight and never flat, in the North of Corsica.  But so many different landscapes, so many remarkable and marvellous views!
  • Brevets” and challenges

Club diplomas for all road passes completed by administrative regions (in 36 countries)

Diplomas for all road passes completed by country

Challenge “The Hundred Passes of Jean Perdoux”

Challenge of the road passes on “The Alpine Watershed””

Challenge of the “Septentrion”

Challenges of the “100, 150 and 200 most beautiful road passes of the Alps”


  • Under the association law of 1901the CCC is formally affiliated to the FFCT (French Federation of Cyclotourism)
  • A “Conseil d’Administration”of 11 members
  • Territorial and national delegates, to manage the Club at local level, and scrutinise and approve members’ col lists: 9 DTs in France, one DT per country in Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, the British Isles; and a DT for the rest of the world
  • Regional facilitators who organise local Club gatherings each year
  • Working groups to create, develop and maintain all the Club catalogues
  • In all, about 60 people, all volunteers
  • An annual budget of 250k euros


Bernard Giraudeau :
Guy Harlé :

The Hundred Cols Club, a shared passion for cycling and the mountains

Press Pack was revised by Denis Chouquet-Stringer CC 6183, May 2020