The club des cent cols and the federacion de cicloturismo

The Club des Cent Cols has many French, Swiss and Belgians amongst its members, and that’s explained by the origins and workings of the Club being very Francophone until quite recently. But that hasn’t stopped other cyclists from non-Francophone countries joining us over the years. Today the Club has members of 15 different nationalities. Even the President of the Club des Cent cols, elected in 2021, is himself Italian, coming from a group of 85 Italian members.

Spain has more cols than any other country in the world (18000). So why do we have no more than two Spanish members in any one year ?

Thanks to a summer séjour of the Club des Cent cols, a séjour that in 2022 was organised in the Basque Country, a meeting took place at the frontier  Col de Lizarrietta (FR-64-0441 and ES-NA-0442a) between Mer José-Luis Junquera, President of the FECT  and Bernard Giraudeau, communication officer of the CCC.

This initial meeting led to the signing of a convention of “Internationally Collaborating Club” by the FECT from the end of 2022.

The shared intention of this convention is, for both parties, to get to know each other.

For the Spanish members of the FECT, to enjoy collecting cols, to get to know the activities of the Club des Cent Cols, the “catalogue of Spanish cols”, more generally the world cataloguing of cols, and the Club’s two randonnées permanentes that run in Spain, the Ultreia, from Barcelona to Saint-Jacques de Compostelle and the Divisoria, the length of the Atlantic – Mediterranean watershed line from St-Jean-Pied-de-Port (France) to Gibraltar.

In this way, the Club des Cent Cols supplies the FECT with all the necessary elements to share this passion for cycling in the mountains.

For the members of the Club des Cent Cols, who, already, have cycled in Spain for a long time, rich as it is in cols, the idea is to get to know what the FECT can offer, such as for example, the « Radiales Ibericas »

Link for the club’s page on the FECT  site