OpenRunner and the Club des Cent Cols

OpenRunner was created in 2006 in Annecy. Developing in the IT sector, it was conceived as a platform for route managing that would allow routes for various activities to be traced on a suitable mapping base, then to follow them on a smartphone via the mobile application that was developed, or on a GPS.

OpenRunner and the Club des Cent Cols have always had good relations based on their respective expertises, IT and cartography for OpenRunner, mountain cycling and and the detailed geolocation of cols in countries throughout the world for the Club des Cent Cols.

In 2015, the 2 organisations wanted to formalise their collaboration and signed a first partnership agreement.

4 years later, this partnership was renewed and deepened in a new agreement. To summarise,

  • the Club des Cent Cols makes available its database of cols worldwide, that is regularly updated, to OpenRunner.
  • OpenRunner, on their side,
    • publicises on its site the activities of the Club relative to mountain cycling.
    • Organises for its clientele the following of cycle routes crossing cols permitting, when the total of 100 cols is reached (with no less than 5 cols of at least 2000m altitude), entry to the Club des Cent Cols. In this way,
      OpenRunner has become the most effective means of bringing new members to the Club des Cent Cols.

The partnership and the functionalities of OpenRunner are explained and detailed in the following document :

A users guide for recording and organising your cols in your own personal space in OpenRunner is in the following document :

OpenRunner’s website :