The hundred road cols 2000 » -100 road cols of western continental Europe

Corinne DAMERON (CC N°5187) offers us this challenge :

Climb a selection of a hundred road cols in western Europe of at least 2000 metres, that was made in September 2023.

Cols in the following countries : Andorra (4) Austria (7) mainland Spain (6) France (27) Italy (43 including 10 border cols shared with other countries) Romania (2) and Switzerland (21). Remember that border cols can be done from one country or another but can only be counted once.

This challenge is open to members and non members of the Club des Cent Cols. It can besides form the basis of the first hundred cols of a new member, or simply be a motivation to do some cycletouring in the mountain regions of Europe. If you love mountain cycling, get your legs going 😉

To tell you a bit more about some of the cols in this challenge, our friend Gérard GALLAND CCC 933 offers you an informative document that you will find by clicking on this link:  

The 96 European road cols of at least 2000m  with some photos in 3 albums

Contact :

How it works

To sign up for this challenge, you must fill in the booking form accepting the rules of the Club des Cent Cols. Please mark this document with your name.

  • The cols must be climbed in accordance with the Club des Cent Cols rules of the game.
  • Cols climbed before signing up for the challenge can be counted. 
  • The100 cols of the Challenge are those included in the Catalogues at the time of the creation of the Challenge, and this list is definitive. If in future cols are added to the relevant zone by additifs, they won’t be counted for the Challenge.
  • The challenge gold « Les cent Cols routiers 2000 » is obtained after climbing all the cols on the list made in September 2023.
  • The challenge silver is obtained after climbing 75% of the cols listed.
  • The challenge bronze is obtained after climbing 50% of the cols listed.
  • There are 8 border cols shared by two countries, you only need to climb them from one side for them to count. They can only be counted once.
  • There is no time limit, if you like the mountains, enjoy yourself.
  • The participants are independent, a helmet and other cyclists’ safety gear are strongly recommended.
  • Each country has its own traffic laws and you should obey them.
  • A diploma, gold, silver or bronze will be awarded when the requisite number of cols have been climbed. The participant will be able to print the Challenge’s diploma himself, or to have it sent to him by the challenge’s organiser for the price of six euros payable to Club des Cent Cols (6€ this sum covers the cost of the special paper, printing and postage). It can also be presented to you by hand at during one of our Club des Cent Cols gatherings, please ask if you require this.
  • A Roll of Honour of diploma holders for each Challenge and for the signed up participants (with their level of progress) will be set up. At first this list will be available from the challenge’s organiser, the conditions of its insertion in Club des Cent Cols publications will be decided later.
  • A number will be given in the order of inscriptions.
  • The yearly claim will be done by sending the excel file to the Challenge organiser :    who will analyse the results and establish the Roll of Honour.

The cols in the challenge can be downloaded here, don’t forget to put your name, and above all your Cent Cols membership number if you are a member, on the Excel sheet without which it may be lost. Please place your name on the file.