Challenges of the « 100, 150 and 200 most beautiful road cols in the Alps »

Jerry Nilson offers us this challenge:

Climb the most beautiful 100, 150 or 200 mountain passes in the Alps, according to Jerry’s informed opinion.

Several countries concerned.

Contact :

Rules of the challenge

  • The challenge is open to members and non-members of the Club des Cent Cols.
  • To register for the Challenge, you must: complete the registration form accepting these rules
  • The goal of the Challenge is to climb all the cols. The list of cols is established by the Club des Cent Cols according to strict criteria of topography and toponymy.
  • Each climbed col is declared as such on the good faith of the participant.
  • There is no time limit.
  • Participants must provide the list of cols climbed during the year to the challenge officer.
  • A certificate is issued when all the cols in the area concerned are climbed. The participant may print the Challenge himself, or have it sent by the challenge officer for the sum of 6 euros. (This amount includes the cost of special paper, printing and postage). He can also choose to be presented with the Challenge by hand at Club events.

List of cols

Version Excel | version PDF | version Numbers

Registrations and achievements at the end of 2022

ParticipantCCCChallenge 100Challenge 150Challenge 200RéussiAnnée
Jerry Nilson56271005050x / x / x
Etienne Jalabert12681005050x / x / x2021
Enrico Alberini5065733024
Gérard Galland933702725
Thierry Labour5925551819
François Candau7644521611
Bernard Pommel3094271013
Bernard Giraudeau38721955
Robert Ducret7069
Christophe Badonnel5799
Margaret Goggin
Joann Mazuyer7952