The Randonnées Permanentes of the Club des Cent Cols

They’re evolving !

All members, or almost all, know of the randonnées permanentes.

From a point A to a point B, sometimes coming back to point A, they let you do at least 100 cols.

There are 19 : 

  • 2 in Germany,
  • 1 in Switzerland,
  • 1 in Italy,
  • 2 in Spain 
  • 1 from Nice to Salzburg via France, Switzerland and Italy
  • and 12 in France

They are done without time limits, during one or more seasons, starting from any point on the route.

The stages follow one after the other. Things that can sometimes pose logistical problems : too long stages, availabilities and advance bookingsof camp sites, gîtes or hotels, difficulties of weather conditions, following vehicle (camping-car) etc…

It’s in thinking of these obstacles that the Club hascome up with a new concept that can in large part solve them : 

Circular randonnées

The idea is simple : come back each evening to your morning’s starting point (or every other evening at least). 

No need to take all your solo tour gear,the possibilityto shorten the day’s route if there’s a problem, the vehicle serves to go from one ride to another, no need to go and collect it from the other end of the randonnée permanente, a non-cycling companionis free during the dayand doesn’t have to go to the following stage, etc.

And of course, these RBskeepto the originalintention of 100 cols climbed, even if theirconception and theirlayoutmaybe slightly different.

They are sometimes issued for existing RPs, they may still be closebut not always !

Briefly, it’s a new concept to discover. 5 RBs have been made up to now  and you can see them here: 

The Circular Tours of the Drome
The Circular Tours of the Haut Languedoc
The Circular Tours of the Ardeche
The Circular Tours of Provence
The Circular Tours of Provence

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