The Gazette

This term originates in Venice, in Italy. At the time of the Most Serene Republic of Venice, a newspaper was paid for with a small coin (gazetta) showing a magpie (gaza). Closer to our time, a gazette, in the printed press, is a periodical devoted to society and news. Cf  wikipedia

That’s exactly what we want from this gazette :

  • to devote it to the news of the Club des Cent Cols
  • to give an overall picture of new publications, on our website, or beyond
  • to let you follow the various works of the Club and it’s members
  • to let you known what is happening inside and outside the Club
  • to give non-members visiting our site a clear view of the Club

To do this, a click on the Gazette on the green bar on our home page will take you to a page containing three different types of information.

You must then choose the subject that particularly interests you from a very wide range covering our activity of cycle touring in the mountains.

Often, but not always, a final option is offered showing the latest article published concerning your chosen subject.

The Gazette is not in competition with the other traditional forms of information of the site or the Club. Neither is it a platform where everyone can express themselves or contradict others. On the contrary, by it’s design, by it’s most neutral tone, it will be, we hope, the universal method for keeping up to date with every thing that happens in and around the Club.

To that end, the Gazette will be regularly filled with new articles as and when there is something new on each subject. It will be done by its creators but also by everyone who wants to participate in spreading information concerning our various subject categories .

All constructive criticism towards the improvement of this tool is welcome and can be sent to .

Bernard Giraudeau
Denis Chouquet-Stringer

Juillet 2022

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