Women in action

Women, by women, for women
Chronological reminder of Françoise Valluche’s column:

Today, item 4: women in action

Françoise hasn’t had an administrative break since January, she’s just been busy with other projects.

At this time of year, cycling activity is very diverse and many volunteers do their best to ensure that everything is organised within their clubs, CODEPs and COREGs.

First of all, congratulations to the new members of the Centcols club and to the women pass hunters represented in the 2023 magazine.

Among these volunteers, some women.
I’d like to name the female members of COREG AURA involved in various committees:

  • Danielle GUILLEMOT, head of the tourism and holidays committee
  • Janette FRAIOLI, Head of the Women’s Committee
  • Monique LABORDE, in charge of the Youth Committee
  • Françoise VALLUCHE, Head of the Disability Committee
  • Jocelyne LEFEBVRE, head of the challenge committee

In each of these commissions, stays are organized, and they have successfully these organizations in collaboration with the members of each commissions..

Within this COREG AURA (Editor’s note: Comité Régional Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes), the president is assisted by 3 other female (treasurer, deputy treasurer, and deputy secretary).
A total of 8 female members out of 15, parity is achieved.

Simply women involved in structures with often the observation that a lot of time is given for everyone’s enjoyment and a little less for cycling.

The difficulty at this time is recruiting female members to clubs and structures. Fortunately, communication via social networks is an asset.

Looking at the participations in specific organisations the younger generation feels less involved. Let’s hope this trend is reversed, it’s also a great satisfaction for each of them when their mission is successful.

Françoise VALLUCHE ccc 6808.