Spring séjour from 19 to 26 May 2023 at Todtmoos

For the first time, a spring séjour was held in Germany, in the Black Forest massif (the länder of Bade-Wurtemberg).

The massif runs from north to south, 140 km long by 60 km wide. The southern edge is formed by the Rhine that also marks the German-Swiss border.  To the west, a small plain projects between the Black Forest and the Rhine that this time forms the Franco-German frontier.

The Black Forest is characterised by numerous radiating valleys that cut into the massif forming a watershed between the North Sea and the Black Sea. Many villages have grown up in the bottoms of these valleys while the prairies and deep forests of conifers share the hilltops.

A dense network of roads, farm and forest tracks and footpaths links the 184 road cols of Bade-Wurtemberg, the 323 rideable R1 cols as well as 40 cols at least partly rideable.

Undeniably, the Black Forest is a fantastic playground for the mountain cycletourists that we are.

The charming village of Todtmoos, located in the heart of the southern part of the massif, welcomed us for this séjour. We were spread between three hôtels close by each other This divided accommodation didn’t damage the cohesion of our group and it was, in the unanimous opinion of its participants, a memorable séjour.

The participants’ view – verbatim from the liste de discussion –

The Todtmoos séjour was perfect. Well done to the organisers and roll on the next one at Praz-sur-Arly ! My summary is at the following address

Jean-Pierre MONZIE – CCC6596

My photo album of the Black Forest séjour is below. Many thanks to the organisers for a perfect séjour !

Fred Singla – CCC 5173

It’s when we see such a great reportage that we say to ourselves that we mustn’t miss the CentCols get-togethers where conviviality, camaraderie and wonderful discoveries are the rule.

Bravo Fred and thanks for the great work of compiling your photos.

Jacques Bezzola – CC 3842 

A great pleasure to see this wonderful account , to relive some super moments with you on the 22 and 23 May .

Thanks Fred for sharing with us this excellent souvenir via your superb annotated photos.

Patrick Rossignol

 Alain and I returned from our séjour in Todtmoos on Monday evening and we warmly congratulate the organisers of this séjour, and Christophe and Jean-Luc in particular.

Thanks to the combination of the road and MTB circuits offered, we were able to do all the road cols, plus a good proportion of the MTB ones. It’s true that the superb quality tracks enabled us to ride easily on touring bikes or gravels ; and it’s also that we benefitted from superb days from Friday to Monday.

So it was a total of 80 new cols that we added, in 6 outings, for a total of about 500 kilometres and 10500m of climbing

Thanks as well to Christophe for the recommendation of the Zimmerman Café where we were able to benefit from the 100 Cols tariff for three dinners at the Maien ; well done!

We retain super memories of this séjour and even in 4 evenings and 3 days we were able to see again a good number of friends and meet some new ones.

Alain et JF Gouhier

Returned home yesterday from Todtmoos with a good crop of cols, I will keep a good memory of this séjour : magnificent countrysides, sumptous tracks and routes alternating easy gradients and some stiff climbs. Hôtel (at least the Waldwinkel) comfortable with varied menus.

Thanks to the organisers and everyone who helped in the success of this séjour.

See you soon at Praz.


Many thanks to the séjour’s organisers, super routes, lovely countryside, a great atmosphere, perfect organisation and finally, the cherry on the top (of the Black Forest gateau), of the Planche des Belles Filles.

Bruno Vienet

Many thanks to all of those who contributed to a super séjour in the Black Forest, Christophe and Jean-Luc in particular. Also the staff of course. 

Excellent atmosphere, great routes and impeccable organisation.

I must thank my friends from Annecy with who I rode and shared some warmly happy moments.

Thanks as well to Enrico’s team and to Fred, Polo , Robert, Jean-Pierre, Jean-Yves, Bruno, and Philippe who welcomed me for 2 MTB circuits . The near « miracle » was to have behaved pretty well and that reassures me for the future.

Polo, I avoided the bad end that was bearing down on me. Take care all the same … I was delighted by this séjour and the pleasure of seeing old friends. See some of them on PBP

Patrick Rossignol

It was the séjour and not the concentration, but the circuits with remote startSS, and the V1 and V2 caused a fuhreore.

We rode the R5 in the country of the Volkswagen, and the V6 in the kingdom of the flat 6 !

Enough of the jokes in questionable taste, here are my thanks like at Cannes (Oliver) :

– Special thanks to my driver Alain who carried me in his Benz (Kangoo in fact),

– And thanks to Team  Alain + Alain + Jacques + Claude for showing me great patience in the climbs.

– My excuses to the same team for going astray sometimes…

– Thanks to the organisers and particularly to the makers of the GPS traces for these superb circuits.

Der Schwarzwald ist wunderbar.

I’ll come back again. (Oh fiddlesticks that was in the Pacific)


It’s not my custom, but I’m entering the liste de diffusion simply to thank the séjours’ organisers.

It’s always a real pleasure to take part. Everytime, old friends are warm and full of good humour. New relations are born…

For the« non-cyclists » of which I am one, these séjours let us combine visits and walks in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

So, once more, many thanks.

Monique Guillaud-Bachet. 

Black is black……
Black humour
Black Forest
Black sky (like that above us at the moment in AVIGNON)

Happily at Todtmoos, we saw all colours.
Sunshine and 24 / 25° or mist and 8°.

Flat roads with heavy traffic or forest tracks without a living soul. From steep climbs at 4/5 km/h to descents at 80.
Shocking gradients nearly 20% up and 30% down (on gravel what’s more).

Briefly, something for everyone.

From road cols to rough stuff ones (more than 60 in total for us).
Lovely easeful countryside (valleys, lakes and waterfalls…) and always the same friendship whether on the road or in front of an ice-cold pils.

Seeing the supermarket checkout, beer continues to flow like water on either side of France.

Thanks again to all the organisers and to the makers of the GPS traces.

I’ve just passed by Praz where I’ll see you at the end of August. It was 22° at 9 h in the morning and the sun shone. Fingers crossed it will be the same when you come.

I go back there next Friday for some cols between Salève and Glières. So if you come across us, we’ll be happy to ride with you.

Didier REMOND – DT01

Back home, this Sunday, in Lot et Garonne with 28° and a nice storm to water our garden.

Great séjour, not always summery, but without getting wet thanks to the weathermen on our team.

Many thanks to the organisers, especially Christophe who leant me his « gravel » to ride the R3 better.

81 cols at the séjour + 15 others at the Planche des Belles Filles get-together as well.

See you soon at other séjours (Bernardini, BCMF des Vosges du Sud, Praz-sur Arly).

Le Yéti (some will understand) Serge POLLONI

My Todtmoos report

J. Collaudin