Alpes du Sud Regional gathering

Saturday 19 August 2023

Col des Sagnes – FR-04-1182b

It’s already less than a month to the Alpes du Sud regional gathering, so it is an opportune moment to add a few details…

This gathering is held alternatively in Isère, Hautes-Alpes and Alpes de Haute Provence, and this year it will take place in the last of these départements, on Saturday 19 August at the  Col des Sagnes (FR-04-1182b) – north-east of Sisteron – in the community of Turriers, where the municipality will welcome us at midday.

The welcome coffee was given for 8 h 30 at the col, but we will be there from 8 h 00.

For the cyclists :

– a road circuit via Gigors, La Motte-Du-Caire, an optional diversion towards Melve to nab 3 cols, and return by the Sasse valley via Bayons and the famous « Tourniquets » a Mecca of the Monte-Carlo Rally, up to the Col des Sagnes.
Circuit of 57 km and 930 m of climbing with 5 cols – reference OpenRunner 16034443

– an MTB circuit that groups the two originally proposed (initial + optional) unfortunately modified following a problem already mentioned of access (see the PS). Circuit in 2 parts out and back :
West: 14,5 km – 420 m of climbing – ref. OR 17196129 and
East: 13,5 km – 450 m of climbing – ref. OR or16950799 for 3 cols.

– and a new MTB option to make up for it: starting from the Col de Sarraut (FR-04-980) on the road circuit, a route through the Montserrieux forest – 24 km and 690 m of climbing with 5 cols – ref. OR 17264635 .

+ a short walking circuit  is proposed for cyclist’s companions.

Then at midday we meet up (morning cyclists and those who wish to come directly to the gathering, either by bike or by car) in the village centre of Turriers (welcome area) where we will be welcomed by the municipality – the traditional exchanges, aperitif, local products and picnics taken from our bags…

Oh one more thing: we ask you to please let us know that you are coming, so that we can better prepare your welcome.

Robert Yonnet – CCC 5292

PS. To summarise the access problem mentioned above, a summer pasture has been planted beyond the Col de la Cassine FR-04-1467 on the Turriers side and beyond the Col de la Moutière FR-04-1258 on the Le Caire side, and extends up to the pastured parts of the Grande Gautière (super fence all round + reinforced gate etc.). There I unfortunately blamed the commune and the local mayor who was more than embarrassed to tell me that the police had to be there at the start of the season (June) to calm the passions of the proprietors…

As it concerns us, it being an organised ride partly using community paths, I’ve removed the Col de la Cassine and its neighbour (accessible from the north) from the circuit so as not to put the community in an awkward position. Further, of the cols proposed, 2 are quite accessible at the moment : those rideable by going around the massif starting from Caire (Défens and La Moutière). Outside this period, everything is doable…