Catalogue of the cols of The Former Yugoslavia




The former Yugoslavia

The “Catalogue of the cols of ex-Yugoslavia” has been completed for those countries (Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia) for which catalogues were not already in existence. This completed catalogue has been compiled by Graham Cutting and Ludger Vorberg.

The catalogues for these countries complement the previously published catalogues of North Macedonia (compiled by Graham Cutting and Jean-Paul  Zuanon) and Slovenia (compiled by Bernard “Biki” Pommel, Graham Cutting and Ludger Vorberg).

These seven countries have now been included in one single catalogue, under a single title.

It comprises a list of some 700 cols.  All the cols in this catalogue fully meet the criteria of the Club’s “Rules of the Game” ,  and may be used by members in submitting their annual lists of cols.

The catalogue may be downloaded for free by Club members, using the “Download Catalogues” page of the website.

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