Tool for updating catalogues

Rédigé par Enrico Alberini


Members who have customised their col files from catalogues by adding columns to them can update them when new versions of the catalogues are released.


  • Three files are required to make updates:
    • an old catalogue with custom columns added to the right of the standard columns,
    • a new version of the catalogue as it can be downloaded by members,
    • a tool created by Christophe Augé (member 5783) and which exists in two downloadable versions:
      Excel (XLS)
      Open/LibreOffice Calc
  • Instructions for use are displayed in the file itself. The other two files opened at the same time in Excel or Calc.


Please enter the names of the files, distinguishing between upper and lower case. Otherwise, an error message will appear saying that the file is not open.

Updating can take time, especially for catalogues of several thousand cols. With the Excel version, the catalogue of cols in France, for example, normally takes a few minutes, without displaying progress. It has also happened that it takes several hours, but after updating the system (Windows), the speed has returned to normal. So everything is not predictable. In LibreOffice, the update can take more than an hour, but you can see the progress on the display. These tools are made available after being tested, but without any guarantee from the Club.

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