FFCT membership

The Club des Cent Cols gives you the opportunity to take out membership with the FFCT, and we would be happy to arrange this for you if no other Club is available to you.  We would however mention that it is not really our aim to boost FFCT membership, but rather to bring together people with a love of cycling in the mountains.


FFCT membership cards can only be given to paid-up members and associate members of the Club.  Our subscription fee of 15€ can be paid at the same time as the FFCT membership, through the Club Secretary (our subscription fee is 15 € for members, 7.50 € for associate members).

Please note that our subscription fee of 15€ can be paid at the same time as the FFCT membership, through the Club Secretary or by bank transfer. 



Since 2018, FFCT members have been able to choose between three different types of membership:

  • VELO BALADE: suitable for gentle family riders, with occasional cyclo-tourism, for which a medical certificate is not required (green and blue rides, in terms of difficulty)
  • VELO RANDO: this corresponds generally to our level of riding, for those who undertake regular Cyclotourism, on all types of terrain. A medical certificate is required, to be renewed at least every five years.
  • VELO SPORT: this membership allows participants to undertake more competitive and sportive events, and to sign up for cyclosportives not controlled by the FFCT. A medical certificate must be updated every three years.

The membership fees and the insurance options are the the same for the three types of membership

To choose an option, you can refer to these tables:

Tableau des licences depuis 2018 (Document FFCT)

Cotation indicative des circuits (document FFCT)

Medical Certificate or QS-Sport questionnaire ?

Case a) you have provided a medical certificate of less than 5 years (Vèlo-rando) or less than 3 years (Vèlo-sport) to date:
You are exempt from a medical certificate for 2023 if after answering the qs-sport questionnaire, you have checked all the “no” boxes.

Note: the qs-sport questionnaire should not be sent to the club. You keep it and certify in the document “1 – formula chosen for the 2023 licence” that you answered “no” to all questions.

Case b) This is your first application for a licence
You answered “yes” at least once to the questions in the “qs-sport” document:
In this case, you must provide a medical certificate of less than one year

Documents needed for application

1 –application form 2023 (a document to be completed for each license requested – family application 2023 (one printed per family)

2 – family application 2023 (one printed per family)

3 – A: case a: the qs-sport questionnaire (to be completed and retained, not passed on to the club as it is a confidential medical document)

3 – B: case b: medical certificate to be validated by your doctor

4 – insurance information notice and declaration to be returned

5 –attestation for Vèlo Rando and Vélo Sport

If posted, be sure to specify “Club des cent Cols”  in the address


The application can also be sent by internet with payment by bank transfer.
In this case, in order to facilitate processing, please attach a copy of the bank transfer slip.

Documents for FFCT insurances

Full Insurance Guide AXA 2023

full information is on the FFCT website

The e-license will be sent directly to the email address you have indicated.

If you don’t have an email address, give the address of the Club secretary.

For any further information, Contact :

Club des Cent Cols
Hervé Retière
28 Rue de la Fontaine
95240 Cormeilles en Parisis
+33 (0)