The Coreg of Corsica introduces itself


The development of the FFCT in Corsica, almost secret, has always gone unnoticed and the number of clubs affiliated to it have always been able to be counted on one hand.

There have been as many séjours organised by the FFCT’s Tourism Commision as by the various mainland CODEPs, but unfortunately, the seed has not germinated.

Not even two stages of the FFCT Cycle Tour have inspired any creation.

Contrasting with this rather gloomy picture, the popularity of cyclist’s séjours has always been of the best, particularly those organised by the Corsican Coreg, whether point to point or fixed-base. Unsurprising you might say, every organiser will do whatever it takes to get people to discover and appreciate his country.

A land of contrasts, a veritable mountain in the sea, baptised « Kallisté » the most beautiful by the Greeks, Corsica seduces by the splendour of its wild and varied landscapes. Cycletourists appreciate the charms of the ‘isle of beauty’ with its rides « mare y monti » that takes deep Corsica’s minor roads with stops at Propriano, Porto-Vecchio, Corte, Piedicroce, Saint Florent, Cap Corse, Algajola, Porto and Ajaccio.

Inexhaustible delights that will inspire a regular cyclist to take part in his twenty-third Tour of Corsica ! A tour embellished with sea visits to the coastal caves of Bonifacio and the Lavezzi islands, and inland to the nature reserve of Scandola.

Non-cyclists can benefit from rented vehicles and participate fully in the convivial atmosphere. The real trump card of the Corsican Coreg’s events however, is Corsica with Corsicans. As an example, one year seven bikes were stolen from the hotel’s garage on the second stage ; the tour continued  with rented cars for the victims as far as the fourth stage, where they were awaited by seven carbon fibre bikes with a range of pedals to choose from,  rented from a bike shop in Bastia and transported to Zicavo by a friend from Ajaccio !

‘Tour de Corse’ and tour de Force… ! After several months of legal battles the Corsican Coreg defeated the hotel’s insurers and obtained full compensation for the victims of the theft.

A fundamental rule of the FFCT is always applied here : we start together and we finish together.

Francis PIETRA : président of the COREG of Corsica for the FFCT
Tel : .33 6 60 81 82 26

(p.c.c l’Amicale des Cyclos Cardiaques – Bulletin trimetriel 153)