Rules of the Game

Club des Cent Cols 

Article 1

To join the Club des Cent Cols, you must have bicycled across at least 100 different mountain passes.

Article 2

A pass is eligible to be claimed as part of your total only if it is called "pass" or any local, regional or national translation of this term, AND:


Article 3

A pass can have any height.  However, you must include at least 5 passes with a height of 2,000 metres or above for every 100 passes claimed.

Article 4

Summits and mountaintops cannot be claimed.

Article 5

Submission of claims by members of the Club is based on the Honour System.  We rely on the sportsmanship of cyclotourists, who like bicycling and being in the mountains strictly for their own personal enjoyment.

Article 6

Each year, between October 1st and February 1st, each member must submit:

Article 7

The lists are verified and accepted by the Secretariat of the "Club des Cent Cols", which reserves the right to refuse any pass which is not recognised in its reference catalogs (e.g. "Catalogue des cols de France").

In case of disagreement, the issue will be referred to the CERP ("Commission d'Éthique, de Réflexion et de Proposition" See Note 2), whose decision will be final.

Article 8

A registration fee of 18 Euros (subject to change) will allow a new member to receive, the first year:

For subsequent years, a membership fee of 12 Euros (subject to change) will allow an existing member to receive the annual magazine, the annual "Info Cent Cols" bulletin, and to appear in the Honour Roll of the Club.

Article 9

Each year, usually on August 15, an international meet is organised at the summit of a new or famous pass.

Article 10

The Club is affiliated with the French Cyclotouring Federation (FFCT) as club Nr. 6384.  It is therefore accredited to provide a (French) Federal Licence which includes insurance.

Article 11

The club never "creates" a pass (See Note 3), since it is not mandated to do so.  In turn, it asks its members to abstain from "creating" new passes on their own initiative.  For France, the "Catalogue des Cols de France" (a.k.a. the "Chauvot", or "French Pass Catalog") is the official list of passes recognised by the Club.  Each year, the Club modifies this list in agreement with the CERP and publishes an addendum.

For European countries, the Club's management selects, for each country, a team of volunteers which make up a workgroup whose goal is to establish a list of passes for their country.  These lists are created according to the Club's Rules of the Game.

The CERP validates the lists, which are then officially published by the Club.

Each member pledges, on an honour basis, to respect these Rules of the Game.

The submission of the first list of passes by a new member constitutes that member's tacit agreement with these Rules of the Game.

Article 12

New members must send all correspondence, their first list of passes and their membership fee to:


Note 1: For example, Ordnance Survey for Great Britain, USGS for the United States, etc...

Note 2: The CERP can be loosely translated to "Ethics and Research Commission".

Note 3: A pass would be considered created if it is claimed as such by a member, but does not exist on a map, on signs, or in the local tradition.  For example, consider a member who cycles through a spot which satisfies the geographical definition of a mountain pass, but does not have a name either on a map or on signs; if this member claims this spot as a pass (whether he gives it a name or not), then his has created this pass from scratch and therefore is in violation of Article 11.  The club never creates passes; it only recognises the presence of existing ones.